Inferno (1980) Repost

Inferno (1980) Repost

Inferno (1980)
DVD5 (Rip from BluDisc) | Pal/Iso | Mpeg2-5175 | AC3@128 | 720x480 | Audio: English, Italian, French | Sub: French | DVD Cover | 1h46 | 4.3 Gb
Horror, Thriller | Italy 1980 | Director Dario ARGENTO

Cast Leigh McCloskey, Irene Miracle, Eleonora Giorgi…

Il film è incentrato su Rose Elliot, giovane poetessa newyorkese, che acquista un antico libro intitolato "Le Tre Madri", scritto da Emilio Varelli, architetto alchimista di cui si sono perse le tracce. Il libro racconta che Varelli ha conosciuto le tre madri degli Inferi: Mater Suspiriorum, la Madre dei Sospiri, Mater Lacrimarum, la Madre delle Lacrime e Mater Tenebrarum, la Madre delle Tenebre e per loro ha costruito tre case: una a Friburgo, una a Roma e una a New York…

Dealing with an apartment building in New York City. Poetess/resident Rose (Irene Miracle) purchases a book, entitled The Three Mothers, written by an alchemist named E. Varelli. The book tells of three mothers, Mater Suspiriorum (the mother of sighs), Mater Lachrymarum (the mother of tears), and Mater Tenebrarum (the mother of darkness). It appears that Varelli built each of the mothers a home, one in Freiburg Germany, one in Rome, and one in the heart of New York City. From these homes, the mothers rule the world "with tears, sighs, and darkness". The book also offers clues about how to find "keys" to unlock the secrets of the mother in charge of each house. Rose (and later her brother Mark, played by Leigh McCloskey) begins to unravel the mystery of the building, and all hell breaks loose in the process…

Une jeune femme qui vient d'amenager dans un luxueux immeuble new-yorkais apprend que l'architecte l'a concu pour les trois divinites malefiques qui gouvernent le monde.


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Inferno (1980) Repost

Inferno (1980) Repost

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Inferno (1980) Repost

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