Wife to be Sacrificed (1974) Une femme à sacrifier

Wife to be Sacrificed (1974)
DVD9 | VIDEO_TS | PAL 16:9 | 01:10:38 | 5,99 Gb
Audio: 日本語 AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subs: English, Français
Genre: Drama, Pinku

Director: Masaru Konuma
Writer: Yôzô Tanaka
Stars: Naomi Tani, Nagatoshi Sakamoto, Terumi Azuma

Masaru Konuma directs this 1970s landmark of Japanese exploitation cinema, a wildly over-the-top softcore S&M drama based on a book by famed erotic writer Oniriku Dan. Kunishada (Nagatoshi Sakamoto) is an unabashed pervert. One day, he happens upon his kimono-clad ex-wife, Akiko (Naomi Tani), kidnaps her, and drags her to a secluded old house up in the mountains. At first he merely ties her up and humiliates her, but after she cuts him with a razor the real horror show begins. Soon Akiko finds herself tied up in a variety of exotic knots and covered in hot wax. Later, after an escape attempt ends in Akiko being raped by two darkhearted hunters, she awakens sexually and starts to enjoy her debasement. About the same time, Kunishada discovers a suicide victim in a cave. What starts as a pleasant necrophilic fling abruptly ends when he realizes that the would-be suicide Kaoru (Terumi Azuma) is not quite dead.

Akiko ex-husband disappears after being charged with sexual assault of minor. Shortly after his disappearance her ex-husband reemerges just long enough to kidnap Akiko who he takes to a remote cottage in the woods. Now a prisoner Akiko is forced to push the boundaries of sexual desire. Can Akiko be able to escape her ex-husband’s sadistic foreplay or will she end up enjoying her new found ecstasy?

Lately there seems to be an influx of Pinku Eigu titles being released in DVD in North America with no less than five of director Masaru Konuma’s films being released on DVD in 2007. Out of these five titles only one had ever been released on DVD in North America and that is Wife to be sacrificed. Masaru Konuma is one of the Pinku Eigu genres most gifted director’s with Wife to be sacrificed easily ranking near the top of his creative output.

The plot for Wife to be sacrificed is darker than most of Masaru Konuma’s films. The story is very simple and to the point as most of the film takes place in just one location. This Pinku Eigu is more about sexual humiliation then romanticizing the sexual encounter. One of the film’s most difficult moments to watch is when Akiko is forced by her ex-husband to hold a bag behind Kaoru another woman who is his prisoner who he has just preformed an enema on. Another in the film that really stand outs in a film filled with WTF moments is when Akiko’s ex-husband comes across a young couple who have apparently killed themselves. Being the gentlemen he is he then proceeds to have sex with the lifeless girl and when she comes back to life somehow he then takes her in as his new sex toy.

Visually Wife to be sacrificed has the look and feel of your typical Masaru Konuma film and yet there is something oddly unique about it which only further drives home the isolated locations and acts of cruelty. Very little is said as Masaru Konuma keeps things moving by focusing on the films strongest and most important elements. The acting is Wife to be sacrificed is nearly flawless and some of the best I have seen to date in any Pinku Eigu. The most powerful and unforgettable performance in the film is without a doubt Nagatoshi Sakamoto who plays Kunisada the ex-husband. Nagatoshi Sakamoto has starred in other classic Pinku Eigu films like Flower & Snake ‘74’, A Woman Called Sada Abe and Star of David: Beauty Hunting.

No discussion about Wife to be sacrificed would be complete without talking about the involvement of the beautiful Naomi Tani who plays the films lead Akiko. Naomi Tani’s portrayal of a sexual repressed estranged divorcee is genuine as she transforms by the end of the picture into the submissive sex slave her ex-husband made her into. It is interesting how he starts to lose interest in her after she has become submissive and that he most likely got his kicks when she fought him instead of giving in. By the end of the film Akiko appears to have been overtaken by the Stockholm syndrome.

Ultimately if you are a fan of submission, S&M and enema’s then you are sure to enjoy a Wife to be sacrificed and its perverse subject matter.
Films like this create a vision of hell for some, a vision of heaven for others. This is highly erotic and simple in its execution, but complex for its sexual politics.
Not great drama, but the sexual anarchy on screen is strangely beautiful and the film's general tone is deliciously subversive.
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Special Features (in Japanese with French subs):
– Interview de L'actrice Naomi Tani (13:00)
– Masaru Konuma par Hideo Nakata (05:35)