The Sun in a Net (1962) Slnko v sieti

The Sun in a Net (1962) Slnko v sieti

The Sun in a Net (1962)
BDRip 720p | MKV | 960x720 | x264 @ 5810 Kbps | 93 min | 4,24 Gb
Audio: Slovenčina AC3 2.0 @ 640 Kbps | Subs: English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Slovenčina, Русский
Genre: Art-house, Drama

Director: Stefan Uher
Writer: Alfonz Bednár
Stars: Marián Bielik, Jana Beláková, Olga Salagová

The Sun in a Net is a lyrical story about the emotions arising between two young people who pretend cynicism and rejection of society in an attempt to hide their insecurities, lack of experience and fear of adult life. It is the very first film in the history of Slovak cinema to take on the theme of the natural differences of values and social life in urban and rural settings. The film is considered the beginning of the New Wave in Slovak and Czech cinema of the 1960s.

Considered one of the first movies of the Czechoslovakian new wave of the 60's, the movie depicts a youngster's summer with romance, work and all the stuff around. It shows the curiosity of the young, the discovery of the world around us, the search for love and other things worth searching for. It even throws in a bit of a social study by comparing the village and the town society. Although some of the aspects of it have not aged well (at least for me), the main reason to see this movie is the very strange but wonderful atmosphere of exploration. When watching it, I sometimes felt like being the main character's photo-camera with an insatiable desire to capture moments/images - to let them impact the observer and create emotions through beauty and purity. So, at the end, it is the purity of the young (uninfluenced) eye (both the main character's and I presume the filmmakers') that creates almost a magical experience of going back in time. Worth watching !
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The Sun in a Net (1962) Slnko v sieti

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