Passing Days (1970) Idu dani

Passing Days (1970) Idu dani

Passing Days (1970)
DVDRip | MKV | 704x436 | x264 @ 1835 Kbps | 83 min | 1,18 Gb
Audio: Hrvatski AAC 2.0 @ 171 Kbps | Subs: English hardcoded
Genre: Comedy, Drama

Director: Fadil Hadzic
Writer: Fadil Hadzic
Stars: Ivica Vidovic, Dragutin Dobricanin, Janez Hocevar

A comedy and experimental work based on Waiting for Godot absurdist play by Samuel Beckett. A confused young man waits endlessly and in vain for the arrival of someone. In the meantime he meets a lot of interesting characters passing by: a Gipsy music band, a card shark, a speaking parrot, an old man living in a barrel, pop-singers, film makers crew…

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Passing Days (1970) Idu dani

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