Bondage Ecstasy (1989) Tosui yugi

Bondage Ecstasy (1989) Tosui yugi

Bondage Ecstasy (1989)
VHSRip | AVI | 704x400 | XviD @ 2324 Kbps | 60 min | 1,10 Gb
Audio: Japanese (日本語) AC3 2.0 @ 256 Kbps | Subs: English (srt)
Genre: Thriller, Drama, Pinku

Director: Hisayasu Satô
Writer: Shirô Yumeno (screenplay)
Stars: Osamu Fukada, Setsuhiko Kobayashi, Toru Matsumura

A harrowing S&M roughie from erratic cult filmmaker Hisayasu Sato, this gay-themed pinku-eiga entry deals with an abused man who literally turns into an insect. Naturally, Sato borrows heavily from Franz Kafka's {-Metamorphosis} and several of his other works, but the overall effect is far more Sadean than Kafkaesque. As with Sato's previous forays into gay themes (Kurutta Butokai and Kamen No Yuwaku), Nikkatsu studios didn't want their name associated with the project, so they released it under the imprimatur of ENK, their Osaka branch.

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Bondage Ecstasy (1989) Tosui yugi

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