Blind Venus (1941) Vénus aveugle

Blind Venus (1941) Vénus aveugle

Blind Venus (1941)
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Genre: Drama, Romance

Director: Abel Gance
Writers: Abel Gance (dialogue), Abel Gance (screenplay)
Stars: Viviane Romance, Georges Flamant, Lucienne Le Marchand

Clarisse (nicknamed "Venus" for a good reason) learns she'll become blind in a year or two. Although she's pregnant by her lover Madère, she pretends she has cheated on him and he leaves her. Madère owns a boat "Le Tapageur" (the noisy one). Clarisse's friends try to bring eyesight to the blind and they take her to an imaginary voyage on the "Tapageur". Her crippled sister describes for her the "landscapes" of the countries they "visit".

Vénus aveugle (Blind Venus) is a 1941 French film melodrama, directed by Abel Gance, and one of the first films to be undertaken in France during the German occupation. Although the film is not set in any specified period, Gance wanted it to be seen as relevant to the contemporary situation in France. He wrote, "…La Vénus aveugle is at the crossroads of reality and legend… The heroine … gradually sinks deeper and deeper into despair. Only when she has reached the bottom of the abyss does she encounter the smile of Providence that life reserves for those who have faith in it, and she can then go serenely back up the slope towards happiness. If I have been able to show in this film that elevated feelings are the only force that can triumph over Fate, then my efforts will not have been in vain."
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Blind Venus (1941) Vénus aveugle

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